FRAMES2020 workshop

Online event (free), December 9, 2020

The goal of the FRAMES workshop is to gather both theoretical (computer science & applied mathematics) and practical (engineering & industry) specialists in meshing.

The second edition is a small workshop jointly organized by the Computer Graphics Group from University of Bern, the Pixel team from INRIA/Loria and the Hextreme team from UCLouvain. Attendance is free and open to the public.

See the workshop webpage for more information:

Update: the recordings of the talks are now available on Youtube (see the workshop webpage).


Reviving the Search for Optimal Tetrahedralizations

For the 28th International Meshing Roundtable held this year in Buffalo NY, we are revisiting an operation to find the optimal triangulation of a cavity (considering fixed points). This operation was named “Small Polyhedron Reconnection” (SPR) by Liu et al. in their 2006 paper which introduced it. Our implementation contains various optimizations, that differs from the optimization that Liu et al. described in their 2009 paper, notably adding memoization and robust exact intersection tests. We probably have to apologize that there is no reference or comparison to the optimized method of Liu et al. in our IMR paper. The unfortunate reasons for this are described in the of our source code, available on Gitlab. Hope you enjoy(ed) our presentation at the IMR


view on GitLab

view on gitlab
HXTSortHextreme Sorting Library

HXTSort is a single header library including lightning fast Parallel Radix Sort macros.

It can sort 400 million integers per second on a laptop’s  i7-6700HQ and up to 1 billion integers per second on a Intel® Xeon Phi™  7210 ( 1.30GHz).


HXTSort is a lot faster than qsort
Because HXTSORT32_UNIFORM does not always pick the best underlying algorithm on the core i7, we manually chose the best of LSB32 and PARALLEL_HYBRID32.

It includes multiple  key-based algorithms for sorting data on any standard computer (single-node SMPs). It could also be a very good core algorithm for a MPI merge sort implementation for Clusters.

HXTSort will be used in our future Mesh Generation Library. A version of this library containing only a basic Mesher will be released soon.